The Photographer

American Photographer, Dorothea Lange, once said: ” The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”

It has changed what we think, who we are and through the viewfinder we have been taught how and what to remember.”

Capture Every Moment…

The increased capacity of the internet to publish news and stories almost instantly have changed the world of  journalism and photojournalism. Today’s photographers are no longer only image or picture makers, they had to evolve and adapt to  the fast changing internet driven world.

The improvement of digital equipment such as digital cameras, audio recorders and the ever improving mobile phone have made today’s photographer a multi skilled, multimedia producer. The picture taker must be able to record sound, write, narrate and tell stories.

Stories are no longer told in a single image in a paper, they are spilled  on the internet as multimedia pieces and video documentaries with sound recorded interviews. The skill of visual storytelling are more vital than they ever been.