It’s been a while. I have been running in circles as far as my photography  go. Trying my hand at anything that came in front of my lens and at times even ignored my camera skills. At the onset of the world Pandemic the time to gather and reconsider the skills, that I developed over the years as a photographer, to new levels and enjoy taking pictures 

Though there were many occasions that I did not enjoy being behind the camera or in front of it. In the process I was forced to record images of my travels and visit to dive centres with my mobile phone.  Through this my files labelled Phone images littered my external drives and is –  in general – a total unorganised mess. Uncategorised and untagged. Many of these used for social media posting.

Being stuck in one place soon had me mining into these files. Fortunate to have the privilege to travel to the Indian Ocean Islands of Seychelles, Mauritius, Zanzibar, and to visit Mozambique and see exotic beaches and blue water.

With that said I think many of these could look great in printed form. Visit the Galleries page now to find a gift.