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My career as a Press photographer started in the 1980’s. My first real position as an editorial photographer was with a true South Africa daily newspaper. At the time it was controversial as it supported the far right political dispensation in the country. As a photographer working for Afrikaans media publishers, Perskor, Die Transvaler, I was sent on assignments that included political unrest and rioting, crime and also many sport events. I find inspiration and motivation when I look at the work of photographers around the world. Photography has become a global art form. Millions of images are uploaded every minute and everyone became a subject.

Capture the moment….

The purpose of Cross Fire Media is to be the platform where you can find still images, video footage and stories on everyday people places and events in South Africa and Southern Africa.


nicolene olckers

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American Photographer, Dorothea Lange, once said: ” The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera. It has changed what we think, who we are and through the viewfinder we have been taught how and what to remember.”